Ross Management & Consulting, LLC, is a real estate property management company with over 15 years of experience in the industry. We offer an array of services in the areas of day-to-day operations, maintenance, and the total upkeep of your property. In addition, we offer consulting services to help train your current management staff and, if required, we can take care of all of your real estate selling needs. Our innovative and customized solutions are built around your property needs to provide high customer satisfaction.

Ross Management & Consulting, LLC extends its fiduciary leadership by providing valuable services to promote better and safer communities. We maximize all measures of management by providing leading services in Compliance, Assets Management, Curb Appeal, Resident Retention, Customer Service, Portfolio Consultation and Preventive Maintenance. We pride our ethics in seeking to uphold the value of our entire portfolio.


Day-to-Day Operations: Provide on- or off-site professionals to ensure efficient management.
Leasing Agents: Our agents will use customized marketing plans for successful rentals.
Occupancy Specialist: Specialist will guarantee qualified renters.
HUD Regulations Compliance: Our management team has full knowledge of all regulations.
Budget Development: Develop custom financial controls to reassure operating revenue.
REAC: Provides annual inspections to support general property conditions.
Resident Retention: Customer service to residents that promotes a peaceful and enjoyable environment.
Preventive Maintenance: Provides all measured strategies to avoid reactive maintenance.
Management/Occupancy Review: Comprehensive file management and internal audits to ensure superior reviews.
Property Rules/Regulations: Promote/develop regulations to avoid property anti-social issues to neighboring areas.

Portfolio Management Experience

• Chicago Housing Authority Developments
• Conventional (Market Rate)
• HUD-Financed Programs
• Mix-Financed Programs
• Condominium Structure
• Cooperative Structure
• Commercial Developments
• Tax-Credits

Additional Consulting Services

• Development and re-development planning.
• Commercial space management and build-outs.
• Comprehensive rental studies.
• Property inspections.
• Staff management and compliance.

Why Trust RMC with Your Property?

• Years of property management experience.
• Strong core values of property management.
• Wide knowledge of federal/city regulations.
• Operating budget controls.
• Effective preventive maintenance policies.
• Licensed/Certified management team.
• Customized property management plan.
• Innovative solutions to serve your tenants.
• Excellent tenant customer relations.


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Brian Ross - Principal
Lucretia Johnson - Compliance Partner
Rachel Walker - Director of Operations